Crap quickie.
Sunday, 04/28/02 - 8:58 pm.

Truth can make you cry.

Last night I made a new friend. Actually, we've been classmates this whole year. But I'd never met him. We were separated by three lines of desks. Never really cared about him. One of these days, when I logged into the MSN messenger (something that's now very rare in my life), I found he'd added me to his list. Why whould he do that?, I thought, we don't talk. I found that useless. Last night he talked to me. was very cool. He's a funny kid. We talked for maybe 15 minutes. I'm glad I talk to him now.

I've noticed that there's a girl that I don't know, and it's part of my prom. I have only seen her a couple of times. I don't even know her name. She doesn't know I exist, either. Yet life goes on.

Veronica came over for a couple of hours this afternoon. She needed help with an english speech. And we also talked about stuff. Well, she talked. The people she hangs out with...they all are involved with jealousy problems and such. It's pretty uncomfortable. On the other hand, she's got me. You're the only one that I can talk to, the one who knows this stuff. Huh, well. When she comes around, I forget about everything negative I feel about her.

And actually that's pretty much that's sort of worth-telling. Nothing amazing happens on sundays. Pretty cool, huh?

Even if something had happened, I wouldn't tell it right now, because The Osbournes are on in a couple of minutes.

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