The-crowd-shoots-appears-on-a-billboard-and SCORES!!!!
Monday, 05/20/02 - 9:00 pm.

Ok, I'll put aside the lame descriptions of my day and just focus on the two important things of today.

Simeon is making an appearance on a billboard. Well, it's actually just a big flying sign on the hallway intersection of the Junior and Senior high halls. Simeon is on it, with a helix cap and holding a balloon, wearing a t-shirt with no sleeves, shorts and All Star sneakers. He looks And that was the idea. Since it's the 7th Annual English Fair, people need motivation. And there you have it...Simeon is the one. He'll catch everybody's attention. He's Mr. Charming. If you saw his smile...

So maybe that's Simeon's first real job. With no pay, but hey, publicity is essential. I once did a short comic strip for the Readers' circle, a group of people getting together to get something out of literature...ugh, that's all I'll say about it for now, I have bad memories from it. The thing is, they asked me to make a comic strip for their newsletter. It sucked, but...hey, whatever. Only it wasn't Simeon on it, it was Social Studies (in words of Carmen: he's death itself with a piece of chalk in its hand. Her favorite character, too).

So...clap for Simeon....*clap, clap, clap*. Here's to Simeon and our goal in life: kick ass and leave a footprint.

The second good thing is that we fuckin' won. This afternoon it was my first BKB match, against some junior girls (Lex, Melvin's "girlfriend" was in it, I know her and she's really cool). My team rocked. It all looked so good, it was a real team, passing the ball so we were dizzing the junior girls...despite last year the name of my team was Aeros, I like this year's team better. We work more as a team.

Now clap for me, the 00 girl *clap, clap, clap*...I scored 4 points. And I did some pretty cool shit, if I do say so myself. Fuck, last year I only scored 2 points in the whole championship, that's why 4 points are such a big deal to me.

THEEE CROOOOWD!!!!. Victor (Victor, not Vic) was there, cheering for us. He'd go The crowd...!!! and stick up his thumb. I had Shaq'a scream PIG POWER!!! (don't ask) and toward the end of the match, Pereira, Ricardo and other kids showed up...This crowd that gets stuck with sports..., Pereira noddled and yelled at me (I was on the BKB court, yo).

I'm sweating, Mars said at the end of the game (she's in my team). Like a pig, I replied, and she laughed. Huh! Pigs.

So Simeon and I got a few kicks out of today. Each on his own way. Fuck, we rule.

Tomorrow Elsy is coming over. That's weird shit, you know how she is...I mean, she's the opposite to me. She's popular. She's like a Society Girl...only she's also not a fake person, like the rest. I like her so much. When I was with her, I asked her if we could study math together (since we both are failing) in my house, if that was ok with her. She looks like Tia Carrere (or however you spell her name...). You know, the girl on Wayne's World, Cassandra, Wayne's girl.

I just had a dejavu.

It's very weird, we don't talk at school. And all of a sudden she's coming to my house to study together. But I'm hoping I'll get to know her better. She's that kind of person that makes you feel both you and her could help each other out. I know she'd listen to me and my "problems" if I asked her to. And I'd love to be there for her if she needed someone.

Lately I've been trying to write "lyrics" (they'll never become songs...I can't write music, I suck at writing's just that stupid delusion of becoming a rock star and be heard by millions). I write "lyrics" when I'm too emotional. I was pissed off today, and Adriana, the girl that sits in front of me, was upset, because her ex-boyfriend hooked up with another girl the day after he asked her for "some time". I told her to write him something like: I don't hate you, I hate the fact that you weren't man enough to tell me the truth in my face, you easily deceived coward. She thought it was cute.

I didn't have anything to write on, so it had to be on my hands. The ink is washing off thought...I guess (I guess) it says something like:
"songs of pain" --> so when I'll say guillotine, you'll start shaking, because you'll know your balls are going to roll. It's lame. It comes from the lame wound in my lame heart. Give me a fuckin' break.

Shit, I'll go to bed. If someone had told me that this day would have a pinch of greatness, I wouldn't have bitched when I woke up. Shit, it's hard when you're down looking up the mountain. It's different once you've started to climb it and it's a sweet emotion when you get to the top.

According to urban legends (the crowd and its urban legends) now I can only come down.

Fuck you, I like it up here.

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