That's what they say.
Wednesday, 05/22/02 - 4:48 pm.

The juniors went on a trip. Therefore hallway #2 was for just seniors today. It looked weird. I felt weird without the guy around to ignore me.

Simeon's flying sign is finally up. Yesterday I was disappointed, because someone had painted his teeth, to make it "colorful". It looked awful (colorful teeth? oh, for fuck's sake...). But they hung it up this morning and his teeth were white. Now that looked good. I suppose it was Marvin (who's in charge of having the signs done by friday) who saw my frustration and made someone change it. God bless the kid.

Only it doesn't make any difference. Only two people have recognized it's Simeon. Because....people are dumb.

(((I want my Aerosmith back *tears*))).

I feel so empty and overloaded with school assignments. I'm empty in an astonishing way. Not depressed. Just kind of wasted, dead.

I ate a lot today. As if eating would have filled that empty spot.

Simeon asked me if it was depression. Urban legends say girls eat a lot when they're depressed. No, it isn't depression.

It's just emotional boredom.

Don't you know they ain't never gonna help you anyway?

Oh, God. I feel miserable.

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