Aptitude tests.
Saturday, 05/25/02 - 1:40 pm.

This morning I went to this University, the UCA (Central-American University in english), to take an aptitude test. It's funny, the UCA of this country has "Simeon" as a middle name *Simeon claps for himself*.

Why, yes...the UCA-of-this-country and Simeon were named after the same guy.

Here's the info I had: be there at 7:45 a.m., in the parking lot in front of some bank.

Here's what happened: dad dropped me off at 7:20. I didn't get which of the two parking lots, and I sure didn't see a bank. And if it wasn't because Mars, Fo and another girl were already there, I'd have gotten lost. Then it turned out the exam was scheduled at 7:30 a.m., and not 8 o'clock. I'll make it clear, the school psychologist is brilliant but clueless. So it was 7:50 and only about 15 people had showed up (being late is a cultural gap).

And by the way, it'd have been easier if the psychologist would have said "in front of the Main Building", which just so happened to be the place where we had to get together, not "the parking lot near a bank" (there was a bank, but it was closed, it looked more like a wherehouse).

So we started at about 8:10. Three long tests, we ended up tired out, but I knew my brain worked hard. We took a break at 10:30 and that was when I got to see the life in an University. The UCA reminded me of my trip to the Houston Community College.

Fo, Adriana, Elisa and I went to the cafeteria. It was a completely different thing from what we're used to at school. The cafeteria was different. And we felt everybody's eyes on us, as if we had a sign that said: we're still in high school, we're losers. We felt kind of embarrassed (but I bet many of those kids were just one year older, if not our own age). We just lined up and ordered pizza, which was really good. We saw many people who graduated from the ESJ. We didn't know their names but we'd go: hey, he graduated from school, remember?.

It was kind of nice. The day was sunny, the place was great and I was hanging out with friends. At the university, with high school buds.

Then we made the last of the three tests (what a mental twist) and we were done.

Ok, wait. You had to pay for the aptitude test ($21.14). Now, Carlos, my brother, works and studies at the UCA (psychologist, taking a master degree) and a couple of days ago he asked about this test. Last night he asked me how much I had to pay and then he said: forget it, for you it's for free. The people who'd be supervising us were his friends and they said they wouldn't charge me anything. Aw.

It's a good sign, and a good way to start out, dad said. "Something" up there is always helping us. As a matter of fact, yes. In my entire life, shit like that has happened to my siblings on their way to become what they want. Well, fuck...I guess I won't be excluded from that blessing.

When we were done, I asked the gentleman (you're Carlos' sister, right?) where (the fuck) was the Psychology lab. He gave me directions and I walked in circles...no, in triangles, for about 15 minutes.

I got lost *tear*.

Because I went to building C, not B. Somebody slap me *Simeon slaps yours truly softly*. But it all turned out ok. I found Carlos and Maria (his girlfriend, fiancee, bride-to-be) and they drove me home (and I released all the stress, because they always crack me up like a nut). On my way home I saw Cory walking down the street.

The aptitude test? Oh, it was nothing. Choices, interests, different aptitudes...If you run out of time and you're not done answering the test, don't worry. It's the usual. Dammit. I didn't want to be the usual.

Animation! I want to study animation!. I'm starting to doubt I'll get the chance to study that. It looks so hard. But I really don't have a heart to discourage myself, choose some other career and fuck my life up within 10 years. I guess there's only one way for me to take, and it's the hard way.

Meanwhile, back to the ranch, I have to do some school assignments.

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