The return of Simeonman.
Sunday, 05/26/02 - 4:47 pm.

It's funny. Two or three miles away from here it's raining cats and dogs. Here it is not, here it's just starting to rain.

No, wait, it's pouring now.

I heard Lay It Down this morning. It's the new song that'll be on Aerosmith's 23rd Greatest Hits album. Ok, it's not the 23rd. But they released one last year. And two years ago. And etc. They have had so many Greatest Hits albums released these past years, and they always release the same songs, over and over again. Why not B-sides, unreleased songs?

"Lay it Down", not the title of the song...the instructions Steven gave to Brad and Joe about their guitars: "Hey won't need THOSE guitars for this one...just go ahead and Lay it Down".

Well, this is pretty much how I feel. But on the other hand, I like the song. It's a beautiful ballad. But it isn't worthy of the name Aerosmith.

Great vocals, good beat...but it has no guitars!!!! Aerosmith is a fuckin' guitar band, they've always said that.

I want my band back

Sundays are so damn boring. This particular sunday it's raining. I love the feeling rain gives. Gives me, at least. You know, Lay It Down matches with today, after all. How sweet.

*Simeon sings*: Simeonman, Simeonman....

Yes, the Spiderman Theme is on. It's the return of Simeonman.

If Simeon existed, I suppose right now I'd be playing cards with him, cranking up Aerosmith tunes and gambling Chips-Ahoy. You can't get anything better than that on a rainy sunday afternoon.

Hiding behind the shadows of the huge buildings of this forsaken city, Simeonman.....uh, hides behind the shadows.

*Simeon noddles*.

Yeah, I suck at writing superhero stories. Sue me.

*Simeonman shoots spiderwebs, jumps to the wall and crawls out the window*.

Now there's one cool individual.

I just had a thought...I haven't talked to the guy in, what, one week? On the phone, I mean. No, I really don't miss talking to him. Not enough to call him.

*Simeonman's head appears from behind the door with an intriguing look*. No, I won't call him. You know how I hate making phone calls.

*Simeonman shoots spidewebs, gets the phone and passes it to yours truly*. No, I won't call, thanks. I suppose he's either masturbating or doing something else a boy can do with his life.

I pulled my hair this morning. Maybe that way it'd be straightened. Needless to say, it didn't happen. Curly hair rocks, but not on my head. So I started to cry. And then I thought of past small family conflicts and I cried some more. And I hated my life for 2.17 minutes.

Then I tried to stop the anger. Hasn't it happened to you that you feel you're trying to control yourself? I was mad, I wanted to throw my mirror at the window and break both, and then slide my body on the pieces of glass and slit me all over. But I just stopped. I felt all that anger inside, that I'm still not sure where it came from. The kind of anger you try to swallow by breathing deeply.

So I stopped and I started to caress Frog. She always quivers when she hears me curse and either comes up to me and gives me her paw or tries to hide, shaking, looking at me as if I'm mad at her and I'm going to hit her. But it's never about her. I love this dog so much. She's like...I don't know. These things can only be understood by people who've had and loved the same dog for 5 years. I don't want to lose her, ever.

*Simeonman crawls back in the house*. Shit, Simeonman, you're soaking wet. It's time to turn back into the citizen of the unexistent mass *Simeonman takes off his Simeonman suit and becomes Simeon*. *Simeon smiles*. Aw, isn't he sweet? I bet if he existed he'd be a heartbreaker.

I want to do some things now that it's raining...but all by myself, it's just worthless. Or at least less worthy than if I had someone, those things have to be shared with somebody. And I can't do it with would be worried if she found out her daughter is out in the rain with her imaginary twin brother.

You know, I don't ask for someone who'd give me presents every month, and write me beautiful poems and give me a cell phone, and take me out for dinner and take me out to dance and shit. I wish I had someone right now, with whom I could go out to the garden, get soaking wet under the rain, and stare at the raindrops falling on the fountain water.

A little tenderness that sometimes is so hard to find...

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