Sixth season begins tomorrow.
Thursday, 03/10/05 - 9:47 pm.

While fixing dinner tonight, I remember I have to go to the university tomorrow. Class, you know. I'd completely forgotten the semester starts tomorrow. I must get there early to find my classrooms and buy notebooks. I'm very excited, as a matter of fact. Oh, and I'm getting my license back in the morning, too. Now I have no excuse not to get behind the wheel.

I'm taking a break from worrying about Joseph. He can call me whenever he wants to. I don't expect him to show up at the campus tomorrow, either. And I'm not going to suppose anything anymore (Angel says that, if anything, I should suppose nice things, like he got a tse-tse fly sting). People (the two I've talked about this with) say it's not cool that he isn't talking to me as a way to tell me something.

I'm on my third draft for the short story, and my lungs hurt. I love bubbles, I want Joe and Angel to come online, and I want to do something good for people through psychology (I'm watching Law & Order, SUV).

Ok, bye.

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