Just random thoughts on the N.O. disaster.
Saturday, 09/03/05 - 9:45 pm.

It's come to my attention how in the pictures I see about New Orleans, all the victims are black people (I seriously apologize if that's not a political correct term, I'm not into using the adjective "color" because white people's skin changes color more often, like when getting pink when they're born, or red when sunburned, or blue when cold).

I hear a lot of things, but what seriously surprises me is just the fact that I've seen those disasters many, many times before. Just never there, "up there". I hear about where the city is located, and how fucked up the enviroment is. I'm surprised because I never thought I'd see a city like that one being reduced, no offense meant, to a third-world-country state of calamity. I feel sorry for them, now they need help (Cuba was offering doctors, but you know how some people can get when they start placing labels).

They're sort of resourceful, at least in terms of comparison with other countries, but the problem is that many of their resources are overseas, looking for something called "freedom" (honestly, I never understood that "fighting for freedom" thing...was there a moron who went to Iraq and lost the USA's freedom there?). Plus, I can't imagine moving 6 million people, that's like the entire population of this country.

My brother is here from Houston, expecting the news as they come out. Apparently the levels of delinquecy are raising there. It's just disaster.

Time for family reunion, so, um, until tomorrow.

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