The day the country collapsed (and I was stuck in campus).
Monday, 10/03/05 - 9:25 pm.

This country has collapsed. There are rivers everywhere, landslides, non-stop's a human disgrace. All over the country. Plus the menace of the volcano. Unbelievable.

I woke up comfortably in my bed, listening to the raindrops hitting my window, listening to the radio about the landslides and the victims, and how the roads were closed and classes cancelled. I don't know whether to be thankful for what I have, or be worried by all that's going on...I am both, but at times I feel they exclude one another. I hadn't heard anything of my university, so I went. I had the 9 am meeting, anyway.

At 11 am, when it finished, I called my brother (who works there, but I was to lazy to go to his office) to confirm. Classes were cancelled indeed, but he had to stay until 4:30, because the cancellation just applied to students. I told him don't worry about me, I have a lot of work, and I can stay in the cubicle.

So I went to get my monthly paycheck, go and ask Mr. PhD's office if the trip to the 45-minute away town was cancelled, which was, pay my tuition, buy lunch at Burger King and then go to the cubicle...I couldn't unlock the door. I had to sit on a desk nearby, hoping that if it rained, it wouldn't be windy.

A few minutes later, this psychology student, Jerry (5th year, he was my Biological Basis of Behavior instructor and has his desk behind mine in the cubicle) showed up and unlocked it effortlessly. I felt dumb. He was leaving and asked me if he'd leave the cubicle open. I said yes, and walked in.

Thus begun a long, rainy afternoon, which I dedicated completely to reading chapter number four of System, Group and Power, nearly 80 pages. Of course, first I ate my meal. I sat on three chairs and desks, especially ON desks, because I couldn't find a comfortable position. People would esporadically come in, the most relevant person being Ve, who had a patient that day and she was pissed off because he didn't cancel.

I tried to call Joseph from my cell, but I'd used up all of my minutes. I could only speak to his mom. I was going to tell her I was about to run out of minutes, but I ran out of minutes. I felt lonely at times, as in the cubicle there's usually someone to talk to, but what the hell, I like being alone.

At about 4 pm, I went to my brother's office. There I found Marcela and her group of friends. We talked a little about the drama that's been going on, and it seems they sort of settled the deal with the 5th year-ers. The Catartic Festival is a go, except it'll be called Psychology Festival. Rats. That means I still have to write a script.

Long story took my brother and I an hour to get home, when it usually takes 20 minutes. A bridge had fallen off, and the traffic was horrendous. At night, I got to talk to Joseph. We caught up, because we hadn't talked over the weekend. He has drama going on in his life, too, but between us, everything's wonderful.

And, uh, that's it. It's stopped raining for now.

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