Underlying issues and other highlights of the day.
Tuesday, 10/11/05 - 9:50 pm.

1. Mr. PhD, Sara, Victor and I went to this shelter for abandoned and abused boys. It was a nice experience, but the stories are horrible, and I'm wondering if I have a vocation for working with children whatsoever. I'm not the one who needs gloves and a mask to be around a kid who never showers and has lice, but seriously, not my thing.

2. Victor and I had lunch together, after coming back from the shelters. Afterwards, we went to the cubicle, where Ve and a funny girl named Claudia were there. Victor left, and Ve asked me, excusing herself, I'll say what everybody says: why aren't you guys dating?. Ha. Neverrr.

3. I really, really love Joseph, and today I guess I felt what our first week would've been like, if it hadn't been so animal. For a moment, I had the feeling he was about to ask me out. The description of the situation defies my will to write it as well as readers' will to read it, but I will mention we were in a hallway similar to where we kissed for the first time. Except this time around, there wasn't a lot people walking around, switching classrooms.

4. In the afternoon, Ve and I were alone in the cubicle, and we started to draw in this huge blackboard. Later on, AngelGuy showed up, too, and he made drawings, too. I drew Simeon Tyrannosaur ("rawr", or something), and since the blackboard is next to Ve's desk, it looks like he's going to eat her. The peers who hang out at the cubicle believe I have underlying anger issues. After class, I went back to the cubicle to pick up something I'd left there. Someone had written for my drawing: "I'm a product of idleness, rrrrrr". It was funny, but I erased it and wrote instead: "42!". At that time, Ve and her girlfriend showed up and asked what it meant. I told them to see the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.

5. I'll be meeting my first patient tomorrow. That agressive, extremely shy 14-year-old. Oh, no!!!

6. Oh, man, I have so much to do, and no time to do it! I feel so overwhelmed, and I get anxious.

6. The end.

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