Ok, ok, I'm not very fond of bananas, but I'm even less fond of cut-in-half apples.
Wednesday, 10/12/05 - 10:01 pm.

I am so, so, so, so tired I'm forced to leave everything behind tonight and go to bed early. I have to wake up at 5:30 am, because Victor and I have to be at the campus, from where we'll take off to the children shelter, at 7 am. We are very unhappy about this, and I feel like beating up the lady in charge of the child abuse project, for making such a fucked up schedule. But I get paid.

I met my patient at the psychology clinic this morning. He fell when he got up from his chair, after I called his name. I thought he was clumsy, but apparently his leg fell asleep or something. The hour wasn't so long, but he isn't very good at talking, and neither am I, so I didn't get much information. Screw that kid.

Afterwards, I met up with Joseph for lunch, and then we played Uno in the instructors cubicle. He's so good at it, we spent over one hour until I gave up. We had two matches and a half. Then I dropped him off at daycare (the cafeteria), while I went for my guitar lessons at 2:30.

I spent most of the afternoon running errands. From making a donation for victims of the past tropical storm, to running into the ESJ psychologist who sent me books on anorexia nervosa (for my research), who also offered me a case...but honestly, I wouldn't know how to handle that. From picking up the psychodynamics essays from the students to picking up Joseph at daycare, where we was playing Uno with his friends. His friends are funny.

- Joseph: hey, stupids, I brought a game, lent to me by my bold girlfriend [yes, he makes strange remarks sometimes].
- A guy we'll call Linkin' Park, for he looks like one of the singers: oooohhh, which is it?
- Joseph: Guess...it's a number.
- Linkin' Park: FIVE!!! [and he meant it]

Sometimes I even want to adopt Linkin' Park, he's so incredibly dumb. He's nice, too, though.

Joseph insists I have all the features of a lesbian: the way I dress and my fear for phalluses being the main ones. We were playing Uno and Ve showed up briefly in the cubicle to pick up something. When she left, Joseph said she so was interested in me. Which is when he listed all the lesbian features, four exactly, and I couldn't deny he was right about me having those features.

But I don't have short hair, was my defense. Because the four lesbians I personally know (Carmen, Carmen's girlfriend, Ve and her girlfriend MR) have short hair. But Joseph insisted. You don't like phalluses!, he said, to which I replied, I don't like apples cut in half either!!!.

That apples-cut-in half deal meant the vagina. You see, once I got this image in an e-mail, of an apple cut in half. But instead of showing the normal center of the apple, it showed the female genitals. I remember I felt sick just at the sight of it.

After a lot of thinking, I don't believe it's a crush what I have on Ve, it's just affinity, it's just the fact that she's cool, and in turn, she seems to be amused by what I do (she even met Simeon). I am certainly in love with Joseph, and that should be enough.

I had a class in the Gessell camera (those are the ones that have a one-way mirror, and you stand unseen on the other side of the room), the professor was applying the WISC-R (Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children) on a girl. I nearly fell asleep on Irene's shoulder. Her, myself and the other three peers are planning on celebrating Psychologist Day (yesterday), going out....I mean, for dinner. Party, you mean? Pfh, no. Michelle is the only one who insists on getting home later than 9 pm. But Victor, Priscilla, Irene and I are granparents, ok, and we need to be home early. Plus, there's a lot of work to do, and little money to spend.

Priscilla was sleeping over at Irene's house tonight, and my brother and I gave them a ride. We laughed all the way home, and my brother said he should give them a ride more often. No wonder you guys get together so often.

Joseph says I seem to hang out only with girls, and that's another lesbian feature, or more like a clue, actually. That's funny, because Irene, Priscilla and Michelle are pretty much my only girl friends, opposed to all the boys I maintain contact with. I told Joseph so. Oh, but she [Ve] doesn't know that...she'll always see you with your gals.

I must warn Joseph about the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Tune in tomorrow, I may have a lot to whine about...I do right now, but it's no use, is it? I'd better go check a few essays and then fall asleep. Good night.

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