This week seems to be an improvement.
Monday, 10/31/05 - 9:36 pm.

I have more good news: on friday, I have a "meeting for instructors" at 4 o'clock. That means, I can't go to the 45-minute-away town to interview the parents (the child abuse project; we're done with interviewing children). I am insanely happy.

Also, I got a 9 in my psychological report, about the 14 year-old I'm evaluating. I'm bummed I didn't get a 10, because I love getting 10s, but 9's a pretty grade, too.

Today I discovered the perks of the psychology lab. They have computers and you can use them. DUH! They've been there forever, I always knew, but I just hadn't paid attention. I'd never thought of going there and working. But I did today, it was cool. It's better than working at my own house, the set up of the computer is much more comfortable (except in the afternoon it gets crowded), and I don't have the distraction of the internet.

My, it's nearly november, and my schedule never decreases, quite the contrary. But for some reason, I'm going through a "be positive" phase. I don't know, I guess I'm just happy about being able to sneak out of the child abuse project, that's a huge weight off my back: we didn't meet today, and I won't be going on friday. Plus, I won't see the 14 year-old at the clinic on wednesday, because it's a holiday; I'm not even going to the university that day. How can one not be happy about all that?

What would make everything better would be getting my hair highlighted and my ears pierced (simple, just a hole above the one I already have, so I can wear my small butterfly earrings). And maybe some money, because I need new All-Stars, and I don't want for my parents to spend that much money on me anymore. November and december wake the big spender in me. 'Tis the season, I guess....unfortunately, there's a bit of capitalism in me, too.

Also, I must get my plane ticket for Houston soon. Going to Houston means even more bucks, but I've been saving most of my paychecks from the child abuse project, so I believe I won't be short of money. Only I hate to see the numbers in my bank account decrease. I like saving. I'm anal-retentive, Freud would say.

Well, this is a very excited me saying good night. I feel strange, actually, because I have no real reason to be excited. It's common for me to feel sad over nothing, but excitement? It's must've been the ice cream Joseph bought me. Yes, because he finally has money (some sort of "freelance job", but don't be too proud of him). He asked what he could do with all that money, and I said, joking, that he could buy me ice cream. He said ok, and I felt bad, but screw it. I've bought him lunch a lot of times.

Anyway, I was saying...

Good night.

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