Everything's called off until she gets the fuck out of here with the document.
Saturday, 05/06/06 - 9:30 pm.

I had to call off my visit to the community tomorrow morning. Strangely enough, I was looking forward to it, even though I was nervous about how the group would do. We've called a few members to discuss our results (when we interviewed people and asked them about problems in the community), and to choose the problem we'll help them with.

Victor and I won't be going, because of the child abuse project. We're very behind, and suddenly the lady says she's going to Spain and will take the document with her, to show it to Jesus (Victor and I get a kick out of having a distant boss with that name). So I'll spend the whole day tomorrow working on it, as I've spent it today. It's due monday.

I was supposed to see Joseph today, but couldn't, because of this. I apologized for not even calling him, and he said he was hurt, but understood. I know he does. He's given me that offer again, of taking a break (without breaking up), just to lift me up the "responsability" of having to go see him. I don't like it. But then he says I'm too busy to think of our relationship. Oh, now the real problem is showing. That hurt me, honestly.

It's Veronica's birthday today. I said I'd call her. I didn't. I sent her a letter, I hope she got it. I feel like a terrible friend. Sometimes I think she needs me. I hope she doesn't.

AND a terrible girlfriend. Looks like one can't have a career and a relationship at the same time. I don't want to break up with Joseph, it would destroy me. And I dare to say the same would happen to him. But he's upset, and when he gets upset, he tends to say things like that. Maybe one day he will act them out and will break up with me "for my own good".

Yeah, I can see it happening. EDIT: he's kindly let me know that he's in love with me, and will die without me, in a way that made me cry. We're far from solving our little schedule problem, but at least it does seem we're in this together.

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