A sad anniversary and a midterm that at least is over.
Friday, 05/26/06 - 9:30 pm.

Ern died today (fuck, he was killed, and the case was fucking dropped), two years ago. I wore a white ribbon, and so did my friends. I put his picture in the psychology billboard, but I couldn't write anything because I had no time. There was a mass at 6 o'clock, and I had no time to attend. Both for the same reason: I had my CommPsych midterm this evening.

The material was really heavy; endless, always divided in four criteria, or five characteristics, or thirteen differences. It's hard to memorize all those elements, especially about terms that are similar to one another, like health and mental health and community mental health.

For the midterm, the professor only took into account one document. One, out of nine, plus classes. Killer, it's discouraging in terms of cost-benefits. I had a few troubles, and I'm definitely not getting even a 9. I feel lame.

However, we got back the grade on our community diagnostic. We got a perfect score. On our way back from the university, in the car, I asked Victor (I always give him a ride) if she'd written anything for us along the grade, that'd lift my spirit. Indeed, and he read her message, she congratulated us for being able to turn a potentially boring exposition into an entertaining text. And other details, and that made me happy. Plus, we're done with exams for this subject, now we just need to prepare an inform on our research in the community. Thank the Lord, I couldn't stand another exam like tonight's.

Aside from my anxiety pre-midterm, I had a fun afternoon. I picked up my friend Victoria, who I seriously enjoy spending time with, and headed to campus, where we studied the afternoon away, joined later by Victor, Husband and Irene. Michelle is still MIA with her swedish boy (more of that soap opera some other day), so she just showed up for the midterm...she didn't even have the classes, so I believe she got at least one question wrong.

My surprise of the day was seeing my friend from high school Robert. I was in line at the cafeteria, and he said something and I turned aroud...I was in shock, I didn't even know what to do; I was even wondering if I wasn't mistaken. It WAS him, and we hugged very hard. Turns out he's my classmate Isaac's boyfriend. Such a small world, I say. They probably met through Carmen and all that huge gay network in the career of psychology. I don't know. Anyway, Robert said he was really happy, and that is very strange coming from him. I'm glad, it's so cute.

So, I'll be taking the night off, and I'll re-start my duties tomorrow, first thing in the morning (right).

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