Her ankle in a cast and our time on a couch.
Sunday, 05/28/06 - 10:00 pm.

You know how sometimes you regret not doing something, because doing it would have prevented a freak accident? Well, yesterday my group and I had a meeting. Not everybody could make it, but we realized that also nobody told Irene we were having a meeting.

This morning I got a call from her. She sorta broke her ankle playing volleyball. She went to play because she had nothing to do in the afternoon...she would've come to the meeting, if she'd known. I feel very guilty, although she hasn't taken it bad. I'll make a card for her and stop by her house tomorrow after my midterm.


My date with Joseph at noon was cancelled. For no reason, really. He got a couch for his bedroom, and his mom had already ordered pizza. We agreed on staying. We watched a few episodes of Noir. Interesting (that's all I can say, given I know nothing about anime, except that it has amazing, complicated storylines...well, also, I did love that it breaks with traditional gender roles *grins*).

We moved to his bed, and it hurt a lot again. I cried again. But I think it was because he and I have different rhythms, and he was going too fast. I cried not only because I was in pain, but also because I was frustrated, and I knew he was too. Do you feel any pleasure at all?; I wholeheartedly said "no", and I broke down, because that's an awful thing to say. He said "we need serious help". I say we only need to find a rhythm that's suitable for the both of us.

But aside from that frustration, everything's going well. Sex isn't that much of a primary thing in our relationship, so we still have a lot of fun with each other.

And with that said, I shall go back to studying, for tomorrow I have a midterm *twitches*.

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