Kids, boyfriends, clothes and parties.
Thursday, 07/27/06 - 6:58 pm.

It feels like I haven't updated in a while. I was going to last night, but my sister slept over and she used the computer until past midnight. My parents were out of town for two days*, and my sister, my two nephews** and yours truly went to see Garfield 2 (why do they bother doing those kind of movies?!) last night.

* It seems my parents are going out more. Which is good, about time they started enjoying their retirament and stopped going out just to run errands. Which also, in a way, gives me a bit more freedom.

** My niece didn't want to go. She said "she'd made plans" already. She's met up with a bunch of kids in her grandmother's neighborhood and she practically lives at the park, as I've heard. Nothing wrong there, actually, she's reaching the age where you'd rather be with your peers, and wants to have fun (well, this at any age), etc. I understand that. But it did upset me a little. I guess she'll stay at her grandmother's then. As long as she's entertained, it's ok. In words of his brother: "it isn't necessary that she comes along". Even though he was pissed off at her for turning our invitation down. Now they're both staying in the same house, and that could trigger one of his crisis. He's been a sweetheart so far.

I tried to see The Crow with him last night, when we came back from the movies. But he's pretty sensitive to violent scenes, so he said I'd better watch it first and tell him how it goes. I haven't finished it, but it's a beautiful movie, that I can tell. I wish he could see it. I still don't get why it's rated R. You see worse things on TV and other movies with a less severe rating.

I went to see Joseph yesterday morning. I was sorta in the mood, but when I am, he isn't. He goes...flat. It's perhaps because I am the one making the moves. He isn't that type of guy, but I'm assuming that his member prefers having the control, that's a turn-on. I don't know. He says it's because it doesn't take much from me to make him happy, and sex isn't really his main goal, just a mean to be close to me. So when I'm close to him in other ways, he doesn't need sex. Funny guy. I could contribute to science by staying with him long-term.

Since my nephew moved out this morning to his grandmother's, I went out with Joseph in the afternoon. We were having a latte, just talking, and suddenly I felt like I was engaged to this guy and that I was ready to get married. It was a feeling that came out of nowhere, I was nodding at something he was saying and in my head I'm ready to get married to this guy.

I have no idea when that's gonna be, though. There's the issue of my parents, the issue of me studying abroad (what the hell, in two years?!), the issue of getting decent jobs. He asked me if we were already engaged, but I told him he needed to get me something...BUT I won't be wearing an engagement ring if he doesn't. I'm not some type of livestock with a mark on my derriere; anyway, if the girl's livestock, the boy should be too. In fact, I don't need a ring. Get me something useful, like a switchblade.

After coffee, he bought me a shirt. I liked it, and he said he'd pay for it. I don't like someone else paying for my stuff, but this time I was weak and let him do. It was a cool store, although I felt uncomfortable because...well, I don't dress like a model, and all those clothes seemed made for modeling.

But I'm trying to change my wardrobe. My whole life I've dressed in jeans and t-shirts. It's the most comfortable outfit but...I'm getting a bit tired of it, and some situations requiere other types of outfits. I have a hard time finding clothes that are equally comfortable but a bit more sophisticated, though. For starters, everything's so small nowadays, and I hate showing skin. At least my will to expand my wardrobe seems to be inspiring Joseph to do the same (he too sticks to the same look everyday).

A friend of Joseph's has invited me to his birthday party on saturday, and I guess I'll be going. I don't drink, I don't dance, I don't like crowds, so obviously I don't like parties. Joseph doesn't either, but this guy is reaching his 30s and I can expect something not so juvenile. His wife is organizing the party and she begged him to bring me. There's a lot of people who want to meet you, you know?. That scares me, because it sounds like they want to remove my brain and put it in a robot or something, but it's just because a lot of people like Joseph and everybody is fascinated at the fact that he's dating his complete opposite.

- Joseph: I'm a handful, how can you put up with me?
- Me: easy, I just ignore you.

Although that's a line I got from his boss.

I'll go have dinner now. More news as they develop.

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