Me? Whereabouts?
Monday, 07/31/06 - 10:06 pm.

Well, these has been fun days for me. You'll have to excuse the excesive daylog-ish tone of this entry, but I gotta keep record of my whereabouts...since, you know, usually there's no such thing as whereabouts, I'm just at home. You could say I've been converted.

1. The party on saturday night.
I picked up Joseph, and he said that, although my punctuality was praise-worthy, one should never be the first one to arrive to a party, and you must get there drunk. So he invited me to have coffee. Such is life, we got a free sample of wine at the (elegant) coffeehouse we chose. I don't drink, though, so he had some of mine. Also, he ordered a beverage with some liquor. But it didn't hit him, it wasn't much.

The apartament of the birthday guy was lovely, and some of his friends were already there. I met the guy, he was turning 32 years old, and reminded me of another of Joseph's friends, Adam. His wife was nice, too. They said I was pretty and offered me something to drink. I sat with Joseph and it was awkward at first, because he was with his guy friends talking of their stuff. And the three girls there (the wife, Joseph's friend's girlfriend, and a random girl) were making snacks and talking. I wasn't comfortable with them either. First, because I didn't want to butt in, I didn't know them and it seemed they knew each other very well; second, I hated the traditional female role of making snacks for the guys who were talking about bussinesses.

But things lightened up, and then the conversation went to other topics, and the girls joined in; one was even recording everything. Other people showed up, but there were no more than 15 people. They ordered pizza, and I loved being there. They picked on Joseph, but he talks back, and the atmosphere was hilarious. I wouldn't call it a "party", though, more like a get-together. Everybody sat on couches the whole night, talking and laughing.

I came home at 10:30, and my parents didn't tell me anything. The get-together wasn't quite finished when I left, and I was a little embarrassed to leave before it ended (and I left Joseph, because he still had bussiness to do), but after five hours of sitting and talking in that crowded little room, I was getting a bit desperate. I had a lot of fun, though.

2. Trip to a small, traditional town, and a play.
My nephew, niece, aunt, parents, brother and wife did a little trip (my sister had something to do, and her son was at his dad's for the weekend). It was lovely. We left at 9 am, and came at about 4. And I'll skip the details, yay.

When I got back, I decided to go see play, since there's a theater festival thing, and it ended that night. My sister, nephew (the 14 year-old, not her son) and parents had seen it the night before. My nephew said he wanted to go again, because the whole show is improvised and you never see the same thing twice. My sister tagged along, and so did my niece. My God, I loved it. They did about nine mini-plays, from ideas everyone in the audience had written before the play. Geniuses. Fucking geniuses.

I came back home at 10, after having pizza with my sister and the kids. AND I drove the whole time.

3. Today: science museum and cold cappuccinos.
My niece is here for the week. I know I was very upset when I wrote last time, but I've calmed down. I took her to get a haircut and straighten her hair this morning. She spends too much time on the computer, chatting, and I'm torn between empathy and authority (I think I still have some). I try to keep a balance, and so far she hasn't shown any annoyance at me. Hopefully the dose of empathy will allow me to draw lines for her when necessary, without coming off as a bitch.

She has this "friend" who she talks about, and I think he's 18 (she's 12). He was even going to come over today, it seems, because he felt "bad" that he couldn't meet with her at the park blablabla, I don't know how it really goes. So the age freaks me out, and although I try to trust her, I made a little move, he didn't come (dad would've freaked out even more). I was going to give her a ride so she could see him quickly and give him his birthday present, which seemed to be a big concern, but other plans came our way. At least she forgot about him for a while.

My nephew was back from his dad's, so him, my sister, my niece and I went to the science museum (14 y/o nephew couldn't come). It blew my mind, it was like being on Beakman's World!!!

After two hours there, we went for a snack. Coincidence, we ran into my brother and his wife, so we all went for coffee. Oh, joy. JOY! I say.

Now I've rented some movies, and my plans for tomorrow are watching them with my niece in the morning, and seeing Joseph in the afternoon.

I like this thing of going out. Who knew I'd like it? Also, maybe by LIVING I'll have more inspiration to write, at least eventually. I can't believe I've barely been home (by my own will!) these days.

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