It'll be too quiet without the purple spikey-haired kid.
Wednesday, 01/31/07 - 10:51 am.

I just came from the airport, my little nephew is on his way home. It wasn't until monday afternoon that I realized his flight was today, not yesterday. So it was like he got another day here.

We woke up early so I could make him a mowhak and spray it purple. A man at the airport asked, very entertained, if it was dyed or sprayed; he was a nice guy, I could tell he was mexican by the accent, but he looked very caucasian. A woman gave her a high-five, saying she loved it.

I'm sure he'll get a whole lot more of looks once he lands, because are people get more freaked out easily by stuff like that. I don't remember if I mentioned it here, but I once sprayed his whole hair blue, and he was excited, but he was embarrassed by the nasty looks people gave him. But the fact that he dared to do it again makes me think he's willing to learn to ignore what other people might think. I told him not to care and always look and be proud, and if somebody asked him, he should say he got his tongue stuck in the toaster or something.

He's wonderful, he makes everyone laugh effortlessly (my brother #1 says he's my favorite toy). Not only he's witty, but also has a way with physical comedy, he's got a very elastic face. I even think he could make it big with a little training and an opportunity.

So I feel lonely already. He's a great partner. At times I thought that I should've taken the plane with him, like I've always done in my past visits...I miss my home, but I'm also glad to be here. Even though it was heartbreaking dropping off my little nephew, I liked going to the airport knowing that it wasn't me who was leaving. I make myself useful around here, I like to help my brother and sister-in-law with the kids and the house.

I still have about a month to go. And like I said, it may seem a little excessive. Then I think that if I were at home, I'd have Joseph constantly on my back, asking me if he's going to see me today, tomorrow and the day after. I love him, I am in love with the guy and I miss him a lot, but that question gets me to the point of feeling sick. Aside from the fact that I have a huge craving for hugging Frog (who's fully recovering!) and my cats, I would be doing nothing. Here I'm having a small taste of what it's like to run a house.

On the way home from the airport, my SIL and were talking about my niece, and the whole nearly borderline-personality teenage culture. Mostly the usual I've mentioned. But what caught my attention, while talking about my niece, is that a girl from her school posted something on her MySpace, saying that my niece "got laid" in ES. That would be last summer, when she turne completely rotten and obssessed with this guy six years her senior (it's a huge difference when it's 12 and 18).

The comment doesn't surprise me at all, but while I know something happened during that time, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Whatever the truth, the harm is for her; no matter how movies and TV shows she watches on relationships and guys, she's not emotionally prepared to face that. No one is that age, but the media, and even the adults in their enviroment, will make them believe so. My brother and SIL have tried to tell her the opposite, so she could save herself a lot of trouble, but she only gets mad and yells and ocassionally breaks stuff.

Well, I have to go to the gym. Let me say it again, though: I miss my little nephew, and, among other things, the way he impersonates some of the people auditioning for American Idol. I hope he eats his sandwich and the chips I got for him, and that the airline plays a good movie.

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