Virus, incoming nephew and the usual.
Wednesday, 06/27/07 - 11:28 pm.

I have a new desk for the computer. It's pretty and it made the clutter of this room disappear. AND, my computer has a new look, as we switched from Ubuntu to Xubuntu (hehe). Sometimes we still have trouble getting the gist of it, it takes time to grieve the loss of a few things from Gates' operative system. Some functions are a little different.

But here's the catch: my laptop is infected. I've been taking it to the university lately and I've used USB memories often to exchange files. But I can't track down where it came from; I'm thinking Victoria, but I don't know really. Anyway, it's not a big threat in the sense that I never connect my laptop to the internet (I like it like that, all clean and fast), and this virus is a hacking tool. Had I had Windows in my desktop PC, we'd probably be screwed by now.

Ok, well. Continuing with the news, I'm living the present. I live finishing the inmediate paper/report/exposition for the next day. I lose it sometimes, and I take it out on people (sorry, dad). But this morning I exercised, and it kept me in a good mood for most of the day. It feels so good, throwing kicks and jabs and crosspunches.

I was able to call Joseph, too...I felt like doing it last night but I was in a bad mood, and when I'm like that, it seems I call him to get both of us pissed off rather than to cheer me up. Tonight, however, he made me laugh and laugh, and I love him so much. I can't wait to see him.

Damn, my big nephew arrives tomorrow, from Houston! I've been so busy that this year I didn't even write my "it's that time of the year" post, about how excited I am to see him. This time is a little different, because my niece is not coming and I have so many responsabilities the first week he's here that I don't think I'll have a lot of time with him. But hopefully I'll pull it off, I promised him to take him out to eat crepes. He's a fine young man by now, 15 and very tall, all muscles and intellect. Here's a wholesome human being in the making. Aaaww.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! I hadn't noticed june is coming to an end!!! It's gone by so fast. But so I should, since my to-do list never ends. Argh.

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