The end of an era.
Tuesday, 12/11/07 - 11:01 pm.

Tonight I had my last exam of the career. It was sort of easy. I studied a lot, I had study groups, I got terribly nervous before it's all over now. After the exam, the whole group decided to go for pizza. I counted 25 people, but we were 14 to 16 at the place. It was still fun.

Irene didn't show up for the exam, and I have a feeling she'll fail one or two subjects. That means she'll have to take the courses next year and so she won't graduate with us next october. That means I could've teamed up with Victor and Victoria for the thesis, the three of us. But I've had my mourning of least, I'm still in the process. I have chosen a good group with the Fs.

Back to Irene, no one knows where she is. We've tried her cell phone, her house...her sister said she wouldn't come to her house tonight, and doesn't know where she is. This has to do with a guy. But it'd never been like this. She lies all the time, to her friends, at her workplace. She already quit one job. Victoria says we can only pray for her. We can't get a hold of her anymore, so we can't sit and talk to her.

Back to my friends, though, Victor was amazingly happy about finishing the career. And he's been particularly nice to me, trying to get us together and have fun. I think he's trying to give a good closure to these five years. We said we'd go out tomorrow night, but, um...I already had plans with Joseph. We didn't agree on anything, so maybe I can sneak out. Not that I don't want to hang out with them, but my leaving during the holidays is a very sensitive subject for Joseph, and I need to make up for that as much as I can.

Remember I said I was worried about my financial status? I feel like saying "God heard my prayers", because I tend to believe He's the one who makes things fall into place at the end of the day. Anyway, my parents sold an old apartment they've owned for years. They gave each kid, all five of us, $500 bucks out of that.

Tonight, when I came home from the pizza place, they were waiting for me. They'd taken $700 out of my account for my plane ticket, but they promised they'd return it. So they gave me $400 (insisting they owe me $300, but I insist they don't), and an envelope with my name on it. It contained the $500 and a card that said this was part of their efforts during their lifetime. Truthfully, we may not have much, but they've worked their ass off to get where we are now, so I take the $500 as my material inheritance (I have a lot of inheritance, but it's not things, they're part of me). My bank account is pretty much the same as before I got my plane tickets. And my parents have a financial security net again. We're good.

Today I was making a list of the things that worry me but FUCK THAT, right now. Fuck it all. I'm happy and free, like I hadn't felt in a long, long time.

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