The beggining of the beggining.
Sunday, 8/18/02 - 4:08 pm.

And after the awkward silence, I said, we kept talking about PC drivers and chocolate milk. About Elvis Presley and drugs, parental overprotection and the movie Down to you (with Julia Stiles and that Freddie guy that plays Freddie on Scooby Doo). He said he was very emotional, he was feeling very existencialist because of it.

Him: Can I tell you something...?
Me: Of course.
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah.
Him: I like to bite you and be with you.
Me: Aw, I like being with you, too.
Him: You've helped me to be a better person. And less bastard (*allow me to state that we use the word bastard as an adjective*). You've taught me this is the way to happiness.
Me: You're so cute...
Him:....see? I'm not watching Down To You again!

So there.

It was a great conversation, but I'm not transcribing the entire thing. I later realized I'd been talking to him for 5 hours straight. But...yeah, it's done. He's mine.

Yet I still can't figure out how I've helped him to be a "better person". Yesterday Veronica said he's changed a lot....Do you remember the way he was before?. I said no. I didn't know him by then.

He was accepted in school in 7th grade. He got in along with Angelica, Fo, Mars, Melvin...I don't remember when we exactly met though.

Now there's one thing I do remember about him. I think I never got to post it here. I know I wrote it several times but I edited it because I felt embarrased to admit it. I don't remember if that thought ever made it into this diary. The thing is, since we started getting along, everytime he'd sit/stand next to me, I'd feel turned on. For no specific reason. I just thought he had a "hot personality" or something. I found the first entry in which I talk about him...and what it says (just one or two lines) pretty much describes the way we've always treated each other. I'd feel turned on, I'd feel aroused, but just phisically. I swear I never thought we'd end up together.

Actually...getting together is just the beggining, not the "end" of the story. Fidel has always said that the Disney stories are wrong. Stories (tales, soap operas) should never finish with and they lived happily ever after...after couples get together it comes the most interesting part of the story.

Of course, with Cinderella II Disney tried to state the same idea, but they failed miserably. Their second parts suck. Somehow they're all the same.

I downloaded the Ghostbusters theme. The Ghostbusters and the Ninja Turtles are my heroes *sheds tear while remembering her childhood* Doesn't the Ghostbusters theme intro send chills down your spine? There's something the neighborhood.... Hi, it's me. I'm in love.

I should go study math. Did I say Denv was coming over to study today? No, I did not, but I'm doing it now. He was. But then it turned out he was going out of town. The rest of my group didn't come either, so I studied all by myself. Wish me luck...I must pass this exam. I must get a good grade.

Sometimes, when I feel happy, I remember what made me unhappy in past times...and I can't help feeling confused. As happy as I am now, it's like part of my unhappiness wants to come back. Part of me can't stand happiness, because -that part claims- it's like I've forgotten all the times I've been hurt before, and I've kept quiet about it. It's like there was no trial nor justice for all the times people hurt me.

Also, my back hurts (that's what you get when you're talking online for 5 hours straight...yes, love hurts).

Hi.....I love that boy.

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