Enjoying life (because I was told to?).
Wednesday, 11/12/08 - 10:13 pm.

I'm dedicated to enjoying my life. I'm trying to be less a workaholic. When Joseph and I got together last friday, he told me I should do that: get out more, etc. This week, W. (friend/boss) told me the same thing. Both are very important in my life and I value their opinions. So I should really listen.

Indeed, since my "break" with Joseph, I've gone out with friends. It's been fun. I've gone out with Victoria and S., then with Michelle, and today with three fellow instructors that are very dear to me. Lunch with all of them (Joseph meant go out at night, but whatever). And a cup of coffee with Victor2, who has just became my teammate on some research W. is conducting.

For this research, both of them, another girl from pyschology and me will travel to another departament (consider it a state) of the country to interview people. The old me would be whining, bitching that, on top of everything, we'll have to crash in yet another departament, over at friends' houses. The girl and I will stay with the family of a friend of hers; W. and Victor2 with the family of a friend of W.'s. A lot of logistics. But else, we'd have to travel two days in a row, and it's a little dangerous and overwhelmingly tiring.

I'm excited, actually. I take it as an adventure. It'll be fun. The people I'm going with is awesome; I have a lot to learn from W. and Victor2, on different branches of psychology (clinic and community, respectively). We'll see. I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can.

Right now, I just came back from having dinner with someone from Mexico. When my sister was there getting her grad degree, he helped her out very much. When you're in a foreign country, it's great to find people ready to give you a warm welcome. He came for some congress and she got to return the favor. It was great hearing about another culture. He knows a lot about biology and anthropology, cool mix. He also loved this country (the food, especially) and hoped to come back.

So here I am, enjoying life. Still working and stuff, but taking my time. I'll also go to my mom's hometown for her birthday in december. Victor2 just asked me to go with him to some institution tomorrow, for our research, morning and I said yeah, what the hell, I'll go.

All this keeps me away from Joseph. Only one night I had a horrible breakdown, but you know what's cool? All this new philosophy of life thing really gets to me. I am so convinced and rooted in reality that my fears do not control me, and that comes out naturally. I'm more inclined to believe he's doing a good deed to someone he cares about than to believe he chose her over me. And even if he did do the latter, I understand why. So I don't really suffer, unless I want to (and yes, sometimes I want to and let myself get emotional...but it's very, very rare).

So this is me making an effort. And I think it's working.

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