Trojans and projects for the near future.
Tuesday, 12/09/08 - 9:02 pm.

I have trojans even in my camera. It was either the virus or my antivirus that fucked my internet access through my laptop so I'm writing from my dad's desktop, should I say.

My brother #1 is arriving tonight from Houston. My parents don't know so they'll have a HUGE surprise tomorrow morning. I'm excited!

But I'm not excited by the fact that my niece is being her usual abusive self. I was talking to W about this and he said these things come from the whole family system, it's not an individual thing. I hear him. I've suspected that for a long time. She wants to run away again, and I'm biting my tongue not to tell her anything because she hasn't asked. I'd just tell her that yeah, she needs to get away from her parents and her parents need to get away from her, and since everybody agrees on that, she should take the time to find a place, say, a boarding school. That's all. Still, it's unwanted advice because she hasn't asked me. I should not get involved.

Joseph is online; I've seen him online for a couple of nights and his nicks just make me suspect he's still screwed. I'd rather not talk to him. Tonight I felt free and glad I didn't marry him like I wanted to when we went on a break/broke up. I'm in love with him, yes, but I was listening to my patient and he was saying how he got married at a young age and stuff. Well, his circumstances were very different from mine, so chances are I'd get more lucky than he did.

I have the greatest news. I went to see F and F's house. Since W quit his job, he and I need a place to keep seeing our patients. We went to said house, it's near campus and it's an amazing place. Still needs some maintenance, but I see a future with W and the two Fs. More to come, I guess, but this feels like a spin-off. You know, follow me in my life post-university, when I form a team of clinic psychologists (which is the direction we're taking, yay!) to approach a variety of human problems. In queu, there's a group of cancer survivors. W is the one who knows about thanatology and psycho-oncology, so he's offered support to the F's (who were asked to lead the group). We'll all help each other. It's going to be great.

Also, I must keep looking for scholarships. Truth to be told, I haven't put my heart and soul into it. Which is bad.

Well, until later days. I have a deadline to meet on friday and two patients whose cases must be reviewed. All in all, things are looking up. Except for the trojan thing.

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