I'll need a vacation after this weekend.
Saturday, 07/04/09 - 12:40 am.

Tonight...I mean, last night I went to see Joe play jazz. He's been inviting me for years. As usual, nobody could come along with me, so I decided to go by myself. It was pretty awesome. I found my friend Sam and a girl from university. It was like being among family.

I found out I still have some feelings for him but not viceversa (he has a girlfriend). I just thought that what a shame that we never had a chance. However, seeing him helped me strip Joseph of some of the glow I'd invested upon him. But I'll talk about this some other day, because it's late and I have a headache. Anyway, Joe was pretty happy that I showed up, but he didn't pay attention to me. I suppose I expected that he would. It's ok, though. I'll live.

Today after work I had a meeting with my two colleagues (W and Patty) at our new clinic. My two patients cancelled so I went to see Victoria. She was sick and broke so she couldn't come to the jazz concert. But she provided me with shelter until it was time for it. Her house was very close to the coffeehouse and it didn't make sense that I got back home after the clinic and then I went to the coffeehouse.

I told her about Art. She understood and took my side. It felt good telling someone who knows him as well as I do.

Tomorrow I have a rescheduled patient at 11 am (I hope he shows up, he's the only one that pays me). Then lunch with two girls from university, then take Michelle to the tattoo artist. In the evening, lunch with family and Class of 2002 reunion (for the first one, 15 people attended and I don't think it'll be too different this time). I'll sleep over at Brother #3's, because on sunday he needs to be at the bus station at 8 am to get back to Guatemala. Incredible pain, getting up early on sunday. But it's ok, I love him.

This entry probably doesn't make sense, but I was just touching base with myself.

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