Yes, I AM this particular book, Mr Durden.
Saturday, 07/18/09 - 10:06 pm.

Since wednesday, I've been thinking about Al almost non-stop. Not "feeling" anything per se, except curiosity. But wait, that's a cognition, too, I believe.

However, tonight I remembered he and CR lost my Fight Club book. My favorite book, with an amazing cover of the lower half of a guy's face, with his lips bleeding. I'd lent the book for Al to read it, Al's brother had a party, CR was there and went in Al's room to escape the noise and read a little, a bunch of people came in and he put the book away. Someone took it.

And I'm angry. I'm angrier because the current cover sucks and I don't want that one. I'm upset and dissapointed. "You are not your books", Tyler Durden would say, and I would reply, "fuck you, Tyler Durden". I want that fucking book back, with that cover and not any other.

My first reaction when they told me was cool. I suppose I didn't want to rage at Al...lack of trust, because I'm pretty sure I would have raged at CR if it had been just the two of us. But it's sinking in now, now that I turned my head and noticed the gap in my bookcase. Suddenly, I hate those two guys.

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