And yet another goodbye...
Tuesday, 07/28/09 - 10:01 pm.

This evening I went out with my sister and my sister in law #3. It was amazing. It wasn't really a "girls' night out"...these are real women. That's how I can put it. Away from every stereotype or traditional image; they are women struggling to be free, to get away from society's obligations (so what if she's 35 and has no children? Having kids is not fate, it's a decision). I'm afraid I can't write down everything that was said, but we spent two hours talking. Well, they did, I just listened. I admire them so much, I want to be like them. Intelligent, honest, sensitive, funny. I've had awesome role models to look up to.


My cat Nena had the ultrasound today, and my parents took her because I was at work. My dad wouldn't tell me how the appointment went over the phone. I thought, then it's news he can't break over the phone.

She has cancer.

She has three tumors and it's just a matter of time. She looks ok right now, she's been living her life and has improved since the weekend. But the vet said she'll start getting skinnier and skinnier. That's something I'd hate to watch. I don't want to lose her; after Frog died (august 6th, fuck), she...she didn't replace Frog, of course, but somehow she grew closer to me and comforted me. It's so cute when she jumps on my bed and rubs herself against me. She's so awesome to cuddle with, and just see her walk like she has this long boots on...she's sweet.

I know it's inevitable, a matter of time...although vet couldn't say how much. Weeks, months at the most. I can hardly believe it. I'm still in a bit of denial...while still being fully aware. I can't believe that almost within a year I'll have lost the two pets I've loved the most in my life. To kidney failure and tumors. My little girls. My babies. Now I can only focus on giving Nena a high quality of life, with lots of hugs and tuna.

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