Book wonderland and a short but hopefully nice weekend.
Sunday, 09/06/09 - 1:29 pm.

Yesterday was like a double day. I had to go to work and it was tears all around. Sure, I read The Lucifer Effect and found universities I'd like to attend, and talked to my friend Michelle in Sweden for almost two hours. But I felt punished. Being in reception for 8 hours on a saturday, with nothing to do. So unnatural. I felt like I lost a day in my life.

The bosses were away, off to some island. They invited me but I said I had swollen gums. Which is true, but it wasn't that much of a problem. I just didn't want to go with them. One of the members of the Board of Directors brought me a huge coconut and I had to carry it back home, because I'd gone walking. For the record, aside from the fear of getting mugged and the annoyance of being sexually harrassed from time to time, I love walking to work.

By the time I was walking down my street, I realized this day had been so long that I couldn't remember walking to work in the first place. I remembered Zimbardo and his ideas of the expanded present; all there is is the present and you just try to get by.

The day improved, though, because my sister took me to a Book Fair. Holy shit. Two and a half hours and twelve books later, there was no trace of my miserable workday in my mind. I bought seven books for myself, including two BEAUTIFUL, classical-looking editions of Shakespeare's Hamlet/Macbeth/Others and The Three Muskeeters, and Oliver Twist. All three books gorgeously illustrated. I already have them somewhere in my house's bookshelves, but these were too delightful to pass up. In my family, we're suckers for books. My dad and I dream about having wall-to-wall bookshelves all over the house.

I came home broke but happy. Everytime I thought twice about a book, I'd said that this is what I work for, and that these books at these prices are nearly impossible to come by. Some purchases came from my dad's money, and yet he actually scolded me for not taking more of the money he wanted to give me, to buy more books. He's always very generous with us his children, but when it comes to books he seems to be a millionaire. Bless his soul.

At night, I called Lighthouse to see if he wanted to go to the movies today. He didn't pick up and I didn't insist. Anyway, I was making plans for today to make the most of it (since, given the circumstances, sunday is all I get as a weekend) but then I remembered that Brother #3 took my car; he's in town, on a break from his doctoral studies abroad. I wish but I can't ride the bus (here it's an art), so I'd have to coordinate with my dad.

I already did, and so I still get to go out today. I'm going to the movies at the end of the afternoon to see a movie starring Johnny Depp (hmmmm). I thought about it, but I realized I didn't want to go alone. So, um...Joe is coming with me, after his band's rehearsal.

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