My future is so promising...
Sunday, 10/11/09 - 8:11 pm.

Well, this weekend has been quite a trip. I didn't go out with Skeleton Guy yesterday, because frankly, I was very tired and the weather was perfect to hibernate. He called me this morning to go see a movie but I wasn't ready. We went to McDonald's for lunch.

He reminds me of my friend Angel, that's funny; maybe that's why he's been rooting for me to date him. He's a doctor (he's 29, I think) so we can talk about the shitty public health system and stuff. And after McDonald's, we crossed the street to have a cup of coffee. I was thinking that the security guard might tell us something for leaving our cars in the Golden Archs parking lot, but Skeleton Guy acted so casually about it that I threw my Super Ego out my head. "What's the worst thing that could happen?", I asked myself, in the best rational emotive behavior therapy fashion. The guard didn't tell us anything.

He's a great guy. He's growing on me, you know, although I don't think I'd get to a state of falling in love with him. One of these days he'll have me over at his house so I can play on his drums. I enjoyed our conversations, especially the one at the coffee house. He has funny stories, about getting stitches in his head and stuff. We talked for about two hours and a half.

Afterwards, I met with Monica and Starfox Guy, who from now on shall be called JC (it's just easier to type and the Starfox Guy nickname doesn't do him any justice). We met at Monica's boyfriend's coffeehouse, and I think I'll be seeing this place a lot. These two kids have a lot of projects in mind and we're teaming up to do research and publish our results. It's the three of us plus Orlando and Gus (students, too; I was their instructor last year). These four guys are one of the finest of the career. JC is in his 5th year, the other three are in their 3rd. But they're so smart and always want to go beyond what theyr're taught in class.

I'm really pumped about this. We hit it off so well, we talked for about three hours. We have lots of plans. Not just about this research, but for the future of psychology in the country. We also want to go to the beach and do some backpacking and play Guitar Hero at JC's house. If all goes well, and I'm pretty confident it will, these guys are gonna be what keeps me intellectually stimulated, and the key to insane amounts of fun while we grow as psychology professionals. We're meeting at the coffeehouse next weekend, but during the week we'll start gathering information.

Also, Monica told me about when she opened for the White Stripes in 2005 (she's a musician, too). She met both of the Whites and they were incredibly high, flying out of this world. Later she showed JC and me something about Mayan astronomy and something about our personalities based on mayan knowledge. It was an incredible afternoon. We make a powerful team, I'm telling you.

So even though tomorrow I get back to this awful routine of being a secretary, I have things to do and things to look forward to. I have a possible scholarship, too. My future is so promising, and it's starting now *throws confetti*.

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