Nintendo time, family meal time.
Sunday, 11/22/09 - 10:14 pm.

I know I run the risk of turning this diary into a "JC and I" type of thing, but it's kind of inevitable. Take friday, for example: he picked me up at work at noon, brought me lunch from his mom's restaurant and took me to a park to eat.

Seriously. This guy is something else.

Yesterday his schedule was cancelled at the last minute, so he came to my house. And he was here for about 6 hours, leaving at 8:30 pm. The day before I'd talked about a certain fruit, saying everybody liked it, and he brought the fruit. We prepared a drink out of it, with lemon juice, jalapeno and lea & perrins sauce and salt, and we had a toast to my cats. Then we played Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo Gamecube, and Nintendo games on my laptop. Nephew #3, a Nintendo Guy himself, enjoyed playing with JC. It was great having JC sitting on my bed, playing Smash Bros with Nephew #3 and me. That game is a riot.

And he stayed for dinner, with my family (!!!). He was embarrassed but he stuck around, something I appreciated deeply. Joseph always refused to eat with my family. Well, very few times he came into my house, to begin with. But if I invited him, he'd say it was time to leave. To be fair, he was embarrassed, too. But compare Joseph's "I'm gonna take off now" embarrassment, to JC's "tell me when to leave" embarrassment. Something told me he wasn't in a hurry to leave.

So JC sat with us and of course it was a little awkward at first, but then my sister and my dad were having funny conversations, and to my surprise, JC couldn't stop laughing. I loved that. I know it's unfair to compare, but again, had Joseph ever stayed for a meal, he would've remained serious or would have smiled just to be nice. Although we both had our big share of hilarity, we didn't share the sense of humour.

Also, in the middle of the meal, he starts talking to me about a gift we are getting to a common friend that's throwing a party next saturday. And it was always a "we". My parents haven't said or asked anything about him (I hope they won't), but I suspect that small conversation may have given them the impression that we were a couple. We are, in a way, but we're not, really.

And today, I didn't think I'd see him because he had to provide some psychological attention in a shelter, along with other students and volunteers. But he came home a little earlier than I expected, and I drove 20 minutes to see him for 30 minutes. It was worth it. I just wanted to see him, listen to him about his day and other stuff, give him a set of army bears for salt and pepper. And get a goodbye hug. His hugs are the best.

This weekend we were supposed to spend the night at a cabin, but at least that's still something to look forward to. And maybe by the time we are there we'll have a relationship developed enough for me to ask him about condoms (I can totally see him not getting it on with me, because that's how it's been so far, but you never know). He's brought a lot of fun in my life. Argh, he's so awesome.

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