Hello from home, on Christmas' Eve's eve.
Friday, 12.23.2011 - 7:55 am.

After 27 excruciating hours, I made it home last sunday. Bus, plane, plane and all the waiting in between. I was exhausted, in a bad mood and nearly in tears, but when I saw my parents and sister and nephew at the airport, at 10:30 pm, my exhaustion magically dissapeared.

On monday, I woke up at 7 am, feeling strangely rested. In the evening it was the presentation of my book! I controlled my nerves very well and a lot of people showed up, more than expected! I appreciated that a lot. Everything was great. I didn't get my own copies to distribute among family and friends (including Annanotbob!), I've asked for quite a few but with the holidays coming, it may take a while to get them. In the meantime, here's the digital version, if you'd like to take a look. I does not do justice to how beautiful the paper version is.

And since tuesday, I've been meeting up with friends and giving out loot. I may be able to see everyone, if I keep up like this next week. But also, Brother #1, his wife and two kids (Nephew #1, 19, and Niece, 17) are flying in from Houston. I suppose everybody will have their own plans, but some meals and Christmas Day and New Year's Eve is for family time.

Everyone I'm meeting up with, friends or family, learn about Andrew. My parents know, my mom asked a bit about him and I left her with a good impression. I didn't tell them I live with him, though. Every time I talk about him, I feel very lucky for having him. I miss him a lot but we communicate a few times a day with news and stuff.

I'm meeting up with Lighthouse today! I contacted him telling him I was around and wanted to see him when he could, maybe next week, and he was very interested in getting together as soon as possible. That was very flattering to me. I had a crush on him back in the day, yes, but anymore. I was thinking about it and perhaps it's just that I see him like a rockstar, him being cool and all.

I may go with him today to the mall because he needs to do christmas shopping. It's suicidal, going to the mall on this day, especially in this city where there's more people than room for them and streets and parking lots collapse for hours and hours. But meh, sounds like something nice to do with a male friend, as long as I'm not the one driving. I don't know if CR will come along. Lighthouse said CR sent me his regards and wanted to see me, but who knows if we will. Whatever happens, it's ok.

Of course, I consider today's plan may not happen at all. You remember Lighthouse, plans would fall because he would be nowhere to be found at the last minute, or would turn up hours later when there was nothing to be done. I do have all day today, so maybe this time we can hang out without rush.

Oh, and he's picking me up. My sister took my car so my dad and I negotiate time with his car. I try to get a ride everytime I can and I've succeeded so far, so my dad can have his car available as usual and I can avoid driving in this madness. It's not just traffic, it's the people. People drive so agressively here, with little or no regard for the most basic rules such as using the correct lane.

But, oh, well. I'm here and I'm having fun. Happy to see everyone I love, to hug my dog and my cat, to be in my bedroom. I'll go have breakfast with my parents and Brother #1 who arrived a few days ago. And see what the day brings.

Also, have a merry, merry christmas!!!

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