A day off, dinner made with love and creative juices flowing.
Thursday, 02.06.2014 - 7:50 pm.

This is the 6th day of my month off: I don't think I've done as much progress on any of my goals as I'd like, but things keep going. Andrew has been sick for a week but we've still gone out and run errands and had fun (i.e. eat!) with friends.

The wedding plans are the ones suffering the most. I've written a few e-mails asking for venues and food but I don't get responses. I do have the budget from the place we want the most and it's horrible, so I need more options. Although Andrew and I are coming to terms with the fact that it'll be very expensive no matter what.

We have an appointment next week to see about wedding cakes and photography. Which should be as horrible, but I did read that if you were into having a small wedding on a budget, you had to choose the key items on which to invest and one of them is photography.

Wedding rings are also very expensive and I'm glad we skipped the engagement ring (yeah, no, thanks!). We are thinking of getting the gold out of a huge ring that Andrew's grandfather passed on to him as inheritance, which would also be a way to preserve it, but we've yet to find places that work on that.

Brother #2 sent a check to my sister back home to cover the expenses of my wedding celebration there (when Andrew and I go in July). He's always been overly generous to my parents and us siblings, and I can't put into words how grateful I am, but I'm embarrassed, it's so much money! And he just had a daughter! He wouldn't do it if he couldn't (I'm amazed that he can, that much) but damn. Good thing is that we're going for something very small back home, so it'll be easily arranged and not so expensive.

I'll get back to this subject.

I had my schedule set up for today: working on this, working on that. But then Andrew and I got to it (between getting things off my chest regarding sex in an entry months ago, and the visit to the OB/GYN, things have improved, a lot!) and I decided to relax and enjoy my day with him. Andrew got a call to go look after his grandfather until sunday, so it was a good thing I did. Seize the day and stuff.

He cooked lunch and left me some kind of lasagna for dinner and lunch tomorrow. All meatless, all extremely delicious. I bought a couple of cupcakes and we had coffee while watching That 70's Show. We took a long, long nap in the afternoon. It was all good. And now he's away for a couple of days. A friend of ours is spending the night, which means I won't have the place to myself and I'll probably stay in the bedroom watching Girls and reading. Which is what I'd do if the friend wasn't here, anyway, except I'd do it in the living room. And he brought me a chocolate bar so all is well.

I have been keeping up with the 30-day drawing challenge at my Simeon blog. I wasn't aware of how crappy I am at drawing. I used to be a little more decent than that. But it makes me be a little more disciplined. I haven't been as disciplined with the other blog and my handrwritten journal but I still wouldn't consider it all a failure.

Now, I'll go eat that thing Andrew made me for dinner. I'm so lucky/blessed: a man who, in words of Sheldon Cooper, is a gentle and thorough lover, and also a great cook. I love him to death.

See ya!

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