Looking ahead and looking forward.
Friday, 05.23.2014 - 12:24 pm.

I should be doing other things right now, but I have nearly 12 hectic days ahead of me, so I'd better sneak in an update while I can.

First: I'll be a professor of Applied Social Psychology next semester! I was kind of looking forward to a calmer second half of the year, just working on the research project and seeing patients. But the head of the department met with me briefly yesterday. She said the students were very happy with me, appreciated my knowledge and my thoroughness, and she offered me the course. I couldn't refuse, which just made my life more complicated for the rest of the year. But there you go, I like teaching.

Tonight Andrew and I take a bus to another city, where his parents live. Tomorrow at dawn, he and I and his dad hop on a car and drive for hours up north, to attend Andrew's sister's wedding. We'll be helping with some things, which may mean we'll be helping with everything. And we'll be back home on sunday night.

I'm not looking forward to this. It makes me feel less bad that Andrew feels the same way. He loves his family but there are a few conflicts that arise between them (family history, I have nothing to do with it) when they get in touch. Also, he and I need the time, we have a lot of work to do. Wednesday was a national holiday so for once in a long time, we spent one day just resting and forgetting about our duties. But it seems there won't be another day like that one for months.

Next tuesday night, my friend Priscilla arrives! She leaves on saturday night, so we'll have plenty of time to catch up. That's a week I won't work though. I'm already trying to plan the syllabus for Applied Social Psychology so I won't have a hard time like this semester, pulling everything at the last minute because the university wasn't clear on what they wanted (I did talk about that at yesterday's meeting, I was relieved).

So there! Maybe I won't be able to write for a week and a half, at least, or maybe I'll write sooner than that. Now it's time to pack and make some progress on my work before we leave.

Or maybe I'll just go prepare lunch. That's always a good course of action.

See ya!

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