Living the queer, relaxed academic life
Saturday, Jun. 12, 2021 - 10:52 am.

Well, hello. I'm passing by just for a quick note. Things are still pretty OK, I've spent my days this week working on presentations for work and my comic strip.

I'm actually being paid to give presentations about queer identities (a lecture for a doctorate course this past Tuesday) or queer media representation (a seminar for journalists next Saturday). In between I'm conducting my research on sexual orientation and well-being with my thesis students, who are collecting data. The fucking dream, eh?

It helps a lot that I don't any regular teaching, I don't have any courses or classes. That's the thing that sucks your soul as an academic. Teaching is one of the coolest things, but also it takes a lot of time to prepare and mark exams and the like.

I'm still working with my boss on her own project, and will continue to do so. While hers is not my biggest topic of interest, it's still a relevant one, I love working with her, I learn a lot, and I handle the topic fairly well.

Andrew and I got our second dose of the vaccine on Monday. We're fully vaccinated now. God bless, man. I felt like crap on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I was fine. We're still working from home this year, anyway. Hell, I'll work from home for as long as possible.

My family's fine. I actually haven't heard much from them, so I think that's good? I'm lousy and keeping in touch for mundane catch-up, but so are my siblings, haha.

My girlfriend's doing well. Things have improved between us, and by that I mean improved with me.

My home country sucks. Jesus fucking Christ, what a hell hole. I pray that my family, friends and as many people as possible are kept safe.

Also, It's Andrew's birthday this Tuesday, and I want to make him a short animation, so I'll go do that.

Do your thing and stay safe.

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