The good and the blah
Saturday, Jun. 19, 2021 - 11:20 am.

In a couple of hours, I have to give a presentation at a workshop for journalists, about queer media representation. I’m excited, but I also want to be done with it.

On Thursday I had another presentation. This was for my boss’ project, not my main topic if interest, and I wasn’t too happy with it. I’m not sure the information I was giving out was relevant to the audience, or rather, it matched their needs. Whatever. That’s what I was told to present. Then Andrew and I ventured outside to go see a friend at her apartment, and I quickly forgot about it.

The best thing this week was Andrew’s birthday on Tuesday. We got a lot of food from friends, and even from his mom and aunt (a friend of the family, really), who quickly stopped by while they ran errands in the city. I made him a gif of our cats (haha) and got him a PC(!).

I spent months saving so he could replace the old agonising laptop he had. It took me weeks to convince him, as he was weary of the cost, but tech is not gonna get cheaper any time soon (I think? I suppose, but I could be wrong). He gave in and bought it, and it arrived a day before his birthday. He was so happy, the nerd that he is <3

Oh, the day before his birthday is also the anniversary of me meeting Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. For years I was consumed by that wish, now it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Nevertheless, it’s one of the coolest things to happen to me. It also happened in Ireland, so we have particularly great memories of this birthday, too.

This week in June is very festive: Andrew's birthday, then my friend Anna's birthday in the UK, then Father's Day in my home country, and my sister's birthday a couple of days later (tomorrow). It's been nice. Yes, I did call my dad, and messaged my two brothers with kids.

Outside of this, though, I’m all blah. This week I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with stuff I have to do at work, and stuff I want to do outside of it. My home country keeps sucking, I’ve kind of kept my distance as there's not much I can do, but I’m still affected. I talked to my sister last weekend, and while she’s doing well enough, the whole conversation left me with a pit in my stomach.

All in all, I’m doing pretty OK. We have a cosy apartment, two cheeky cats, and decent jobs to pay for good food and heating to get through the winter. It’s New Year on Monday, too, the Mapuche New Year, recognised as a national holiday for the first time this year. GOOD.

Stay safe, take care of yourself.

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