Booking and hoping for the best
Friday, Aug. 20, 2021 - 5:37 pm.

This week is winter break at my uni. I worked a bit on Monday and Tuesday morning, the rest of the time I spent it mostly working on one single fucking strip for my Instagram account.

My complaint is not that I worked on it (it was a joy!), but that I wish it'd taken me less time so I could have worked on more strips. I have so many ideas, but I'm not quitting my day job anytime soon because my work gets so little attention from an audience and thus almost zero money*. 

(*I did earn a couple of cents this week, someone bought a sticker from my store!). 

I took today off from everything. I haven't done a thing. No, wait, I did do one thing: I BOUGHT THE PLANE TICKETS TO TRAVEL TO MY HOME COUNTRY IN LATE DECEMBER. I kept dragging my feet with this, but there was no use in putting it off anymore.

I do feel relieved that I have this tiny bit of certainty, even if the grand uncertain scheme of things may mess my plans up. I can only hope for the best. "The best" meaning that I'll take a plane from my city to Santiago on the afternoon of December 25th, sleep at the airport hotel (fun!), and take a plane from there at 6 am on the 26th to Panama and then my home country. I'll take the same route in reverse, minus the hotel, on January 7th-8th. 

I don't like leaving Andrew for the holidays, but here our main event is on the 24th, and the 23rd is his brother's anniversary, and we'll be together then. Spending New Year's Eve the two of us would have been nice as well, but I assure you he'll be fine. We do have celebratory meals for no reason almost every week of the year, and homeboy truly loves his alone time. 

Now I am a little excited about the trip, actually. Traveling is stressful but also kind of neat, parts of it. Again, I can only hope for the best and pray that by then things have not gotten worse with the variants, and that international travel measures have relaxed in the countries I'll be moving to and fro.

Might as well throw in a prayer so that I won't get the virus in the process, eh? That'd be good, too.

Oh, and I have an update about my girlfriend: I told her what I said in my last entry (which: who cares at this point), and we're OK. She acknowledged she was out of line in some things, and being in pain was not an excuse (also, she's doing better). I appreciated her owning up to it. If she gives me enough room --and she does--, then it's all good between us.

This is my little update. Andrew has had a much rougher week, spending his winter break working on a grant proposal and having the worst luck with tech. The latter includes the glass on the side of his PC tower exploding right in his hands. Lucky he only got a cut in his hand, and lucky that our black cat wasn't sleeping on her chair in Andrew's office when the glass broke, because that's where most of the glass fell. My poor guy. We shall have a good meal tonight to lift up our spirits.

Anyway, back to wrapping this up. I'm pleased to reiterate that today I did NOTHING of the productive sort. It's rare that I have a day off from both academic and creative activities. It feels good.

As always, stay safe <3

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