A nasty entrepreneur
Tuesday, May. 10, 2022 - 4:20 pm.

I meant to write on Friday or Saturday, but I've been on a vacation state-of-mind since Thursday night. This week we have a break from uni, accomplished by the students who went on strike last year when they were overwhelmed by the pandemic and non-pandemic levels of uni workload. The week-long break extends to everyone working there, so cheers. It's much needed and much appreciated.

It was a friend's birthday get-together on Thursday night. Then on Friday we took it easy, and on Saturday we rented a car. Since then, Andrew and I have run errands, gone on a road trip to see his parents, gone on another road trip to a nice touristy town with a lake and a snowy volcano. The latter was remarkable, autumn is in full swing and the views on the countryside are gorgeous.

Today we stayed home and moved furniture around, it took us all morning. It's nice for a change. Our original plan was to spend the night at the touristy town yesterday and come back today, but there was a chance that Andrew might be called for his job interview, yesterday or today (finally getting him a proper contract at uni).

They did contact him today! For an interview today! So it was a good thing our plan to go to the movies this afternoon fell apart when the website didn't process Andrew's credit card. It's those things that make you say that "everything happens for a reason". I don't say that because it is very much stating the obvious, but I'll allow it this time.

Lastly, I've been very bitter over an "entrepreneur" who donated a prize for a raffle that Andrew took part in (it was to cover medical expenses of a friend of his). I talked to her because Andrew won her prize, a customized notebook and stickers, and he gave the prize to me so I could have a design of mine in it.

I contacted her and she turned out to be very rude. I often wonder if I'm the one at fault in these transactions, but Andrew says that's how nasty people are here. I do know that, and I've experienced it a lot. It never ceases to amaze me how they treat you as a customer.

So I contacted her saying hi, I'm so-and-so, and her reply was "finally" (it'd been three days since the raffle). Then I had to be the one making her tell me what the prize was and what she expected of me, and what dimensions she needed...I had to do all the heavy lifting to get the information. Then I sent her the designs over the weekend (I told her I would, because that's when I had the chance to look into it), and she wrote to me on Sunday at 10 pm to tell me she didn't work on weekends and that it was Mother's Day.

I was appalled. Really hurt and angry. She was rude, unnecessarily so. I responded to her saying that I understood, I'd sent the design when I could but I'd assumed she'd see it on working hours, I didn't expect her to work over the weekend. I haven't heard back from her since, and I'm not sure I will.

It's not a loss to me, but I'm so angry and hurt I feel like crying. I feel impotent because she won't see any consequences for being an asshole, she won't even understand she's one. Probably most of her customers are used to treating and to being treated like that.

I'm not one to "cancel" people and their independent business (it seems quite excessive, too), so I just fantasize about making it public. I think over and over how I'd tell her off, because I get stuck in a loop when I'm wronged without a chance to defend myself because the wrong-doer won't even listen to me.

It kills me when people I contact for goods or services make me feel like I did or I asked for the wrong thing or the wrong way. Just thinking about all this drains me and upsets me. It's truly a small thing but it feels so unjust, and this asshole will get away with it. I do wish her rudeness exploded in her face.

I guess I can try to not let this ruin my vacation. It kind of has already, I kept getting back to this situation while being out and about. It's stupid, I know. I'm just sensitive to assholes.

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