Friday, 12/20/02 - 2:07 pm.

They're here, but I'll save all the details.

I haven't seen the kids today, they're staying at Denise's mom's house. Only my brother spent the night here in our house.

That's the difference between me going there and them coming here: when I go there, I have them all for myself. When they come here, there are two families, Renan's (mine) and Denise's, and so they have to split up. I really feel very uncomfortable with Denise's family. It's compromise, more than anything else. It's an obligatory politeness.

But...yaytheyarehere. I'm sure when they're used to this routine we'll come up with a plan and I'll spend some time with the four of them.

I missed The Billboard Awards, which were airing last night. I didn't catch the chewed gum incident, but at least I got to tape Run DMC's Jam Master Jay's (RIP) tribute, with Steven and Joe performing.

Well, family first...(at least there's gonna be a reprisse on december 31st TOM'SBIRTHDAY in the afternoon).



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