Christmas' Eve with a fucked keyboard.
Tuesday, 12/24/02 - 3:35 pm.

well, this keboard is tterribl fucked so i can't write properl.

Last night i had a great time with the family...all of my siblings, my parents, my nephiews and niece and my two sisters-in-law. For the first time in our lives we were all together.

i came back home at 1 o'clock in the morning, after some time with brothers, sister and sisters-in-law (parents and three kids came back home at 10). I found The Beatles book dad got me. it's kind of dumb, it's just drawings, no real pictures and a brief story. I was happy to realize I knew more about The Beatles than I thought. And more accurately than the book ("The Beatles for young begginers").

I have a christmas wish, but it won't come true.

I have a kaleidoscope though.

and i'm tired of cursing this keboard, i'll write when this fuckin' piece of crap works again.

Merry Christmas!!!

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