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Tuesday, 04/20/04 - 10:20 pm.

Have you heard the news? Many troops from different countries are returning home. I saw the face of a 10 year old on the news, with a wide smile because her dad is coming back home. She gave me a different feeling than the one I got a few weeks ago, when I saw a 60 year old woman passing out at the funeral of her soldier son.

I'm going to link this entry, for I agree with it (AND it has a picture of John Lennon).

I was going to bring up my issues with my elitist friends (the group of "friends" D belongs to), because they're particulary annoying, as they seem to get some from one another and their sexual tendencies change according to the trend. But I just realized I don't care about them.

All day I got hold of tidbits of information and personal experiences and I thought several times: "wow, this will go in my diary today". And guess what? I've forgotten everything by now. I suck.

- Me: I suck. But I still can't beat you.
- Cel: I'm the mother of those who suck.

- Me: well, if you see D & M (M. is supposedly D's girlfriend) put a curse on them for me...for them to be together forever.

Tsk, tsk. What would Freud say about that odd statement of mine? You know, that man LOVED to analyze. He managed to discover, through an incomplete phrase in latin said by a student, that this student was worried about her girlfriend not getting her period. Remarkable. We all want to be like Freud, minus the cancer and the prepotency.

I'm working on a Methodology of Investigation assignemt right now, and I just learned (not because it related, I just got bored and my mind went on tangents):
Laboratory = experiment = people = manipulation = yayness.

OMFGZZZ!!!1 im so good at mathz!!!!11

- Cel: hahaha! I love you, dude.
- Me: I love you too, even if you suck.

I had a lot to say today, but
A) I forgot
B) I'm in shock over the excessive amount of assignments and, above all, the midterms just around the corner.

Don't even get me started on how I feel.

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