Eight years of simeons-twin. And stuff.
Tuesday, 09/01/09 - 9:36 pm.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR DIARY!!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck, EIGHT YEARS!!! I can't believe I've had this diary for eight years. I believe all this time has not gone by without me having written at least one entry every week.

Haha, I just read my very first entry. How embarrasing, I was such a teenager.

I have to thank this diary for keeping my memories alive, there's a lifetime in here. And thanks, diary, for being my Happy Place, where I feel safe to talk just about anything. Many things have and will fade away in my mind over time, but here, they're safe in here (I do have a backup in my hard drive, but not yet of 2009...still not strong enough to skim through Mr and Mrs Smith).

And also, thank you, diary, for making me get to know awesome people from other countries, and from my own. Ah, yes, you know I'm talking about you. I've had the priviledge to trascend Dland with some of you, and for that, I'm grateful. There was one person, though, the very first person I became friends with here...I'm sorry he went away. Other than that, cheers.

*throws a lot of confetti*

However, I'm still getting thinking of getting a new username...or making this private. Simeon is becoming a slightly recognized name, you know? Not worldwide, but enough to give me an ego boost from time to time. I like Dland because it's not very well known, though. And I'd hate to leave all these entries behind. Argh. Decisions, decisions.

Ah, well. Thanks, diary, and thanks, Andrew guy. Here's to many more years of living and writing about it.


I dreamed that my sister died. It's perhaps because she's been sick. I hate dreaming of losing loved ones. I've dreamed of the death of one of my brothers, and of my mom...but I didn't see them dying, they just were. I saw my sister die and the setting in the dream was so uncalled for (seriously, ruins in a jungle, and a villain?). I always wake up crying from these dreams/nightmares. However, in this case, sometimes my sister would become Angie.

And I remembered, Angie is getting married in four days. And I feel like crying over that, too, and not exactly of joy.


Last night I talked to Starfox Guy, who's delightfully random and clever. He's very interested in Simeon and he got me thinking, this month in...1996? Simeon came to life, so why not make this Simeon Appreciation Month or something? My life would be so dull without Simeon; he's a huge part of me, that's pretty obvious. So this month I'll update his site whenever I want, instead of following regular schedule, adding other stuff aside from the strips. My PC tablet remains dead but I have a scanner at work and I've rediscovered the pleasure of hand drawing. I suppose I could give away those drawings, too.


I've been thinking of Joe. I talked to him last night, and it was ok. But by our conversation, I discovered, as if I didn't know already, that he has no feelings for me. It's a shame. But I insist, I do have a rather strange feeling about him. It doesn't make sense because I don't really know him and I have no arguments to justify my feelings for him. Meh, it's just me being silly.


So, september is here. It's scary, but also these four upcoming months are my favorites of the year. I get more inspired, more hopeful, and usually I get to travel to see my family. I know soon it'll be a year since Joseph broke up with me, but I'll live. I'll fucking live.


*hugs simeons-twin, all 3862 entries*

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